What the hell, hubby?


So we went to court yesterday, over a ER bill of his that went to collection without us ever getting a notification or call (our so I thought).

As evidence, they had both the notification (which I had never seen before) and a transcript of a call to my husband in which they had an awful lot of info they couldn't have unless they talked to him.

Problem is, he swears he never got that call, and that they are making things up, but at the same time he refused to step up and testify to that fact...

I basically felt like he left me to fight that battle all on my own, either because he's lying about not getting the call, our he just didn't have the guts to step up... Neither is acceptable, and I'm not gonna lie, I repent how that whole shit show went.

Literally from day one I've handled everything to do with this case, and it's not even my bill. Like seriously, who keeps their mouth shut when their 19 week pregnant wife is sitting there being made to look like a liar in front of a judge, when the fact is, I was operating with what I believed to be the truth...

Seriously. What the hell, man?