Eat & Eat & Still Starving!

I don't get it. I woke up at 630, had a banana to calm my nausea. At 645 I stopped at Parker's and bought a small coffee and drank it by 715. At 800 I ate one cup of blueberries. At 900 I had 1/2 a sleeve of saltine crackers. Slept from 10-12 while baby took a nap. Woke up STARVING. Ate a lunchable immediately (the small cheese pizza kind). Fed baby I'm babysitting for (she didn't get up until 1, I fed her at 115). At 2 I had a Smart Ones meal (Spinach & Ricotta
noodles). It's 325 and I'm starving again. I mean, it feels like I haven't eaten all day. I'm 7 weeks today. I just think it's crazy. I will say now that I've eaten approximately every two hours, I haven't vomited today (I threw up three times yesterday 😭) but I just wish I didn't have to eat so often. I feel like I'm eating unnecessary calories. I know baby needs like 400-600 extra calories or something like that and they tell you not to literally eat for two, but omg I feel like I'll die if I don't. 😭 any other mamas like this?