If I can't get pregnant I am going to...

Nicole • #SAHM #PreemieMom #NICUMom #ToddlerMom #ExpectingMom

So my husband and I have talked a lot about starting a family. We've been TTC for a year and 8 months, seem to have unexplained infertility 😒

With all the stress of TTC and maintain a fun, healthy relationship we have also talked at length about what we would do if it turns out that we're just not meant to be parents. A few things we would do or buy are:

See the country by long road trips

Get me a boob job 😀

Spoil our nieces and nephews, we have 30. Yes, 30 😮

Buy a vacation house somewhere warm ☀

Season tickets to our favorite teams ⚾🏈

Go to as many concerts as possible 🎤

What kinds of things would you ladies do or want to do if for whatever reason you can't have children?!

And for the negative nancy's out there, yes I know most of these things I've listed can be done with children, no need for those types of comments.

Thanks! ☺