Should I be concerned?

Here's a little backstory: a few months into our relationship I caught my boyfriend on the app Tinder. He apologized profusely and said he didn't know why he had it and deleted it. At the beginning of February he was at my house and we were going to drive a couple of hours to another city so I asked him to text his parents to see how the roads were. I had my head on his shoulder and when he clicked his phone he had a message from a female. He went into the message and just deleted it, I'm a really fast reader and barely had enough time to read it but it said "good morning crazy, hope you have a great day." I asked "who's that" and he said a girl I went on deployment with, she texted me the other day to see if I was watching the football game so we talked a little." If he would've not deleted it so quick and made a deal of hiding it I wouldn't have been upset, so I got up to shower and he came in there and was pissed at me for being upset that he tried to hide it. I said, "I'm just wondering how many girls you're saying good morning to or how many conversations your deleting" he replied "I texted her on Sunday to see if she was watching the game." Of course, I was like are you fucking kidding me, because two minutes ago  you said she texted you first. So then I was pissed because he lied about it. Today, we were driving and had my mom and her husband in the car and we're talking about his siblings and I asked if he had a photo of all of them together and he goes no, so I asked to get on his Facebook to show pictures and he handed it over with his sisters page pulled up. I showed them pictures and then just scrolled through the news feed (I gave up Facebook for lent even though I'm not catholic so I just needed a Facebook fix! ;) ). He started freaking out and can I have my phone, what are you doing, what are you looking at? Over and over. I give him my phone all the time and don't care what he looks at because I have nothing to hide.
Should I be concerned that he was freaking out over me having his phone or am I overreacting?