TWW, who is in it?

Oh my gosh, it is just hitting me that I am now entering the two week wait, and it is is going to be long and painful and up and down. 
I'm going to experience every pregnancy symptom known to man, and I will start feeling tempted to pee on a stick by the end of next week for sure. 
Today was so positive. I woke up bummed out because I didn't BD with my husband yesterday which might have been my peak day, but then was still noticing a lot of EGCM and sharp OV pains, and hubby was working from home this morning, SOOO we took a little break together ;)
This cycle was just FUN. I don't know if maybe because my fertile window started on Valentine's Day, or what, but my husband and I were just in tune with each other and I didn't feel like we were WORKING! I have a good feeling about this month, but know from previous cycles not to get my hopes up.
So here's to the two week wait. To any other women entering it with me, or trying to decide between blue
Or pink dye tests, or symptom spotters, whatever - baby dust ladies, to you all!