Hey ladies! I'd like to share my anxiety story & tell you guys how I cope. And we can share stories and if you guys want to join my anxiety group on here let me know!
When I was 14 I liked this boy (who I ended up dating for a long time and I'm still dating him 😊) he asked me to be his girlfriend and I started feeling extremely sick on my stomach and light headed and sweating. 
I told my mom who , at the time, was working at the local hospital and suggested it was hypoglycemia. 
Time went on and I seemed to not have another "attack" but about 3 months late on the way home from a bookstore and coffee shop I had an attack where I just started bawling in tears and hyperventilating. I couldn't focus on anything and couldn't speak. So my mother took me to the ER but by the time we got back, I had calmed down. They suggested watching my diet to check for sugar levels and they took lots of bloodwork to find nothing wrong. I went almost a year without an attack and then started taking a piano CLASS at my high school. We had to perform in front of our (very) small class. I began to have extreme bouts of crying uncontrollably and hyperventilating after I played for the class. I eventually got comfortable with the class and stopped having attacks. At my piano recital I felt that I would play great. When I played, I messed up horribly, started the song in the middle of it, went offstage and immediately had another anxiety attack. My entire family and boyfriend came over there after the recital to check on me. After this I began having anxiety attacks that would start when somebody made me laugh, I would begin laughing uncontrollably and then begin crying until I broke out into sobs. This is still how my attacks are...
IN PUBLIC: I cope usually by going into a bathroom( if we're at a restaurant because usually it starts at dinner lately) the bathrooms in the resaurant or wherever I am and usually there is music playing and I just look in the mirror, breathe and sometimes sing (funny I know)
AT HOME: I usually do the same thing but if we're at dinner or with company I will try to calm myself down or look out a window or at the floor and concentrate on breathing. They're super simple to do and actually do help... 
I hope all of you ladies are doing great :)