Rant ..

My baby's father keeps opening his Facebook with out telling me , we made a agreement wed delete all social media the day we found out we were pregnant 7 months ago and I've already caught him 2 times on his Facebook through another person telling me and sending me screen shots of it. We have a house together both 21 and our in the middle of doing our baby's room more me doing it I should say. He barely has helped me with anything that has to do with the baby. I've payed for everything her room needs paint blinds bassinet all the goods. I am so stressed I'm 7 months pregnant going to school full time I have 2 to 3 test weekly and I go to work full time. Now dealing with this to top it off today's is our anniversary 2/20. I have yet to mention seeing his f.b open after him saying it wasn't a couples days ago. It's not a big deal but it's the fact that he's lieing about it that's really making me angry. I just needed to vent you guys are literally the closest thing I have to taking to a friend with no judgement. I just feel really stressed with school work and now my idiot boy friend and it being our anniversary and he's at work doing night shift. I just feel like screaming but I'm trying to stay cam. Before I go into psycho mode. It pisses me more off that the family is what he wanted a wife and a kid and I really didn't bother with it and when we finally got pregnant it's like wth is happening.