Cheating baby daddy


Honestly the most disrespectful thing u can so is cheat on someone thats pregnant with your child...

I feel like thats a big FU and the baby

am i wrong?

Its not about me my bestfriend and i are both pregnant and her boyfriend cheated on her she forgave him and blamed herself because she didnt have sex with him for a week smh that pisses me off she has a 2 year old daughter with another guy and that guy did the same thing so many times. She wont listen to me i feel like its one thing to cheat in a realationship but if ur pregnant with his child and he cheats he dosent give 2 fucks about u or the baby why stay... If he cheated while ur pregnant what makes u think hes not gunna do it after the baby is born? And then she talkes shit to the girl when the girl had no idea about her or her being pregnant

Ugh just wow who does that on both parts