Maternity clothes


So where I'm from the closest mall is 45 min. And we call it the little mall. I went looking for maternity pants. Right now everytfits but I'm sure that wont last long. Any way even the stors like Macy's & JC Penney said they don't have them at this location.

So I looked online....but how do you know what size to get?

I did the size chart and it said if I was a 12-14 before to get a L. I was/am a 12 Ok great. So I did and they are huge in the butt and legs and belly(but not too bad because they stretch) I wish I could try them on first. I'm also worried are they really going to stretch enough for a 9 month belly or will I have to get different ones eventually.

Not sure if I should send them back or not. My hubby says maybe I will grow into them and it was too soon.

Small town problems!

Don't even get me started on maternity bras and swim wear.