Pregnant for the 8th time after 4 miscarriages & 3 healthy children

I am having mixed feelings. I have had 3 blighted ovums and 1 molar pregnancy. I remember going for an ultra sound at 9weeks and being told I can see the sac but there is no life attached to the growing placenta. I was devastated. Now after a recent miscarriage last year November I recently found out I am pregnant again. I did a scan at 5 weeks 1 day and I saw a gestational sac and the feotal pole. Well I am high risk so have been told to take it easy. There hasn't been any bleeding as yet and am trusting all will work out well eventually. I am scheduled for my gynae visit in 2 weeks time. I hope to see my baby and hear his/her heartbeat. I am scared but joyful as well. Pray for me please.