Baby Shower/ Registery opinions

 I just start doing my Registery. I took my time going through the store scanning items I need and for even items later in the first baby's year at different months.
What is the right way or the traditional way when getting gifts at the baby shower?
My mom say it should only be gifts that I need from newborn to 3 months of age. Not for baby items up to 12 months?( which she calls toddler-A.k.A Older baby).
I honestly would like anything items for the baby's first year, because  baby grow and changes. I find things helpful and less out of my pocket.
 She making me feel guilty on items, for example baby clothes hangers, sippy cups, spoon and forks with baby bowels for solid foods, baby safety locks for around the house( box of outlet plug protector for $8) 
,diapers for different stages between 0-12 months ( not just newborn) etc 
 I'm the one having this baby and raising this baby with my man. (10hr drive away).
 Not to be rude or disrespectful but should I stick to my original idea of things? Or is she right? Baby shower are about newborn only, therefore; request for newborn items up to 3 months only?  
 I'm humble to get any item really. 
 I just want to know what appropriate for baby shower and what are baby shower traditional now these days? This my first pregnancy.