I'm pregnant, not your baby sitter..

Sarah • Smiles are contagious! :o) Mommy of two under two. 💜💙
So I'm 6 months pregnant and not much help putting down the new flooring in the baby's room. My husband's friend offered to help, which was very nice. He also brought his four small children. Now, I'm a very patient person and I generally love children, but his children are awful. They're in parented, wild, and do what they want, no matter how many times anyone says "no". They pull and tug on busy adults and scream if someone doesn't do exactly what they want. ....Back to my point- I'm six months pregnant and not having the best pregnancy. The dad's response? "Haha! You better get used to it, this will be you!" No. No it won't. Because I won't let my children run around like little savages. Also, I'm pregnant. That is not your license to pawn your children off on me, because I will soon have one of my own. It's rude and unnecessary. But you know what, I've noticed this everywhere (granted, not on this epic scale, but everywhere). Why do parents suddenly think I want to babysit their kids when I'm swollen, tired, and generally miserable with crappy pregnancy symptoms? Why do they stop correcting their children in my home? Where once a friend of mine would stop her child from climbing on my very large and very arthritic dog, now she laughs and says "you'll see!" No. I won't. Because I won't allow any child to terrorize an already hurting dog. Yes. I get it. I know we will have a child. I know she will act up and give me headaches and throw fits. But I will handle those situations and I promise I will do so without pawing them off on someone else as if in attempt to horrify them or shock them into some realization that surely they do not have (newsflash- most of us kind of plan this and kind of have an idea about what children are- we don't need the added burden you're placing on us). Anyone else experiencing this kind of thing? Now, admittedly, it's not EVERYONE I know. I have a couple of friends with relatively well behaved children who don't do this kind of super annoying thing, but it happens so so often. I want to tell this guy that if he needs a sitter, he should hire one, because I don't feel well and didn't volunteer. I can't believe my husband let him come over, knowing he was going to
bring his 4 very undisciplined children!!