How to make money as a SAHM

How can I make money being a SAHM? Are there any places I can work only 8-10 hours a week with no flexibility on my schedule? Almost everywhere is hiring here (North Dakota, we don't have many people here lol) but I'm worried even if I get a job during the hours my husband is off work I'll get fired for never being able to cover additional shifts. I looked into the online survey stuff but it's all so sketchy. And I make really good French bread but in order to sell it I have to have my kitchen inspected and certified. I also knit and can make blankets but idk if anyone would buy them and they take me like two weeks for a throw blanket and idk if it's worth it for like the $50 I'd be able to sell it for since they take like 20 hours. 😫 I love writing and I'd totally be a freelance writer but idk how to even get started. Anyone have any advice? Thanks!
This is a picture of a queen sized blanket I knitted. Would anyone even buy this? It was $31 in yarn and took me 40 hours. They take so long I just don't think it's worth it! Ugh. 
I also made this blanket for my daughter. I think it's super cute and cost me about $25 in yarn and took like 20 hours. Would anyone buy this blanket for like $75? That's like $2.50 an hour. Lol gosh.