Rant!! Herbal life distributors

My cousin is driving me crazy!! Ihaven't spoken to her in like 5 years just because we lost touch and recently I've seen on her fb that she lost a lot of weight with Herbal Life which she is also selling. So everyday now or Atleast 3x a week she sends me a good morning text, or a picture of her with her herbal life shakes and messages telling me it will help me lose weight, how awesome the products are and so on. It pisses me off that she hasn't made an attempt to be in my life prior to selling this product and now all of the sudden I get daily texts from her. It's really annoying. I can't lie she looks fantastic but I can't afford $300 a month for meal replacements and I have expressed to her numerous times I'm not interested in the product but she continues to send me these texts. Although most of the times I ignore them it's really annoying. 
 Ugh I'm about to block her. Lol