Help! I've been abused by my husband

I have been married for four years going on five. He's been abusive physically, mentally, and sexually at least three years out of seven years we've been together. We have two small children our little girl is one years old, our little man is three years old. I left my husband on the first of this month February 1st 2016 I just took a pregnancy test and found out I'm pregnant again 😭😭😭 The reason I finally left him was because he broke my ribs the night before. I called the police and they came out to the house four times and did not arrest him, I had bruises all over me! This happen in Texas. Now I'm pregnant, I just found out right after I left him. I finally conjured up the courage to leave with the babies and I'm safe. Im staying with my parents but they don't want me here. They want me to be on my feet and independent. I also want that more than anything for myself and my children, but the last five years I have not worked because my husband would not let me.... This is so hard because I'm so emotional, I feel like there's no help for me at all..... My mother has been happily married to my father for over 35 years. So she does not understand the pain and heart ache I am going through. She just expects me to go on with life and support myself and my children alone when all I want to do is sit in a corner and cry, hate to admit it but I even have felt like running back to my husband, I know I will not do that, it's not right. I cannot let my children see what he's done to me anymore. My son wants nothing but to be just like his daddy, and that scares me to death.i don't want to go back to him but sometimes I feel like it would be so much easier. I will be 34 years old in 2 weeks and I feel more lost and alone then I have ever felt in my entire life... No one knows this kind of pain unless they've been through it themselves, so please be kind and don't judge. Any advice is more than welcome and needed now more than I could ever express in words