Getting pregnant after Mirana

I'm just here to tell you that it IS possible to get pregnant the first cycle after having Mirana removed. I had an IUD for almost two years and eventually stopped getting a period. I kept getting cyst every month so I decided to have the IUD removed plus my husband and I were ready to try for a baby. Sept 24th it was removed and today I'm pregnant. Confirmed by 4 HPTs and blood test. So to those of you who are trying to concieve after Mirana, know that it is not impossible, just may take time and practice to get the timing right. Keep trying, you'll get there! I did OPKs, charted my BBT, and charted my CM. I also started taking One a Day multi vitamins last month that have Folic Acid in it. I just hope this encourages any of you and keeps your spirits high. Best of luck to you all and May the baby dust be plentiful!