Baby blues

T. • High risk pregnancy with baby #1, trying to keep my angel baby!
I have been ttc (learning all the abreviations) for months. I got married 5-3-14 but we were trying before that. Long story short we haven't had any luck. Two months ago I used the ovulation sticks and got pregnant right away and micarried only 3 or 4 weeks in. We learned the hard way and shared it too soon. Anyway md recommended to wait a couple months to try again. So just started and im already bum kicked about it. One of my closest friends just announced shes on her 2nd and she has a one year old. Im jealous and I hate that I feel that way. Im taking pre natal pills and even had my husband start taking something to help his fertility. Im suddenly the women I'd never thought I'd be. And surprisingly I should be talking to friends but the older I get its just kind of a burden to talk about uour problems. I've even had a tremendous amount of guilt feeling like im being punished. Its frustrating. Im sure people csn relate. ?