Do you think I have much to worry about?


I would first like to add that I personally would love another baby, but not really right now, but if it happens, it happens. My SO is totally against having one at the moment and is really against me using FAM as bc.

This is my first cycle of bc, I AM ON DAY 8, temps are at a constant low (as they should be). I am still new at the CM and it is has been mostly sticky, with an occasional creamy sensation the last couple days (I know this can also be erratic first coming off birth control.)

For protectoon, I have a diaphragm, which he hates even more than condoms, so we went back to condoms. He ended up taking the condom off and finishing inside me. I know that it prly didn't help, but within minutes, I inserted spermicide.

According to this app, it says I have 6.2% chance of getting pregnant, but other apps, while they don't have %s, they are saying I am a little more fertile.

Like I said, it would not be the end of the world if I did become so please don't lecture. I don't think I should worry too terribly much. I just wanted to have some thoughts of other women.

I know I can't judge from my previous periods, but I am kind of going off the fact that the average cycle is 28 days and the I probably won't ovulate for another 6 days.