Thursday rant!!!!!!!

Daisy??? • Mother of two?cant wait for number three

Okay so I'm really pissed off!!!!!

My jackass of a boyfriend yells at me cause he wants me to get a job

I have no problem with getting a job

But he knows how I feel about people watching my sons!!

Honestly I'm getting sick of his smart comments

Like all I do is stay at home & not do anything with my life

I'm the one waking up every day to take care of our kids

I feed them

Give them baths

The hold nine

When my sons is sick I stay up with them?

Now let's take it back to when I had my 2rd he didn't help me do shit

I was staying up almost 24hours a day an barely got any sleep went thru terrible depression

Only person was my grandfather to help me

We move into our apartment an things gets worse

I was cleaning up

Cooking everything an on top of that I'm house bound

I can't go anywhere its not a normal relationship

If I do go some where its a million questions behind why I went or why I wear make up

Than he comes to me an say I don't want u to work I want u to stay at home I believe he uses that to keep me at home cause he wants control

When I ask him for help or to help me clean up his lames reason why he don't help is cause he

Work what kind of fuckery is that???

This hold summer I started to look for a job an talk to my grandfather on helping me with my boys

Nothing came up yet

I keep applying an still nothing

Sorry this is so long I just had a lot to say!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening to my Lil rant