Am I in the wrong??!!


So.... Me being pregnant was a huge huge surprise ... I am divorced. (my ex husband is NOT the father) anyways I met this guy which is the baby's dad... I told him I was divorced ... He said he was as well... Things happen Months later and I find out I'm pregnant !! Then one day I asked him how long he was divorced... He said he's not divorced and is only separated from his wife.. I was shocked and pissed off!! Later on down the road he tells me she got a hold of him and said she didn't want a divorce !! I told him to go back to her! I honestly meant it I could tell he still wanted to be with her. I was fine with that! We broke up I let him know that there was never going to be an us again because of the lies he continued to tell me from the beginning of us getting together I told him I never ever would have done anything at all with him if I would have known he was still married! I am not that kind of girl.. Also he keeps everything a secret and has not told his family about me or the baby at all he refuses too even like any of my post on Facebook about the pregnancy/baby because he doesn't want someone to find out he's the dad... He keeps using the Army as .an excuse as to why He can't be mentioning He is gonna be a dad ... He says because he's still married He will get into trouble... He is really flaky and basically irritating as all Hell to even think about... I don't want anything to do with him and don't want him at any ultrasounds and don't even want him there during the birth... The baby will have my last name not his and I am not allowing him to sign the birth certificate!! .... I was prepared from the beginning before I told him I was pregnant to go through this whole pregnancy and raising my child as a single mother... I honestly thought he was going to say something like it's not his baby.

How do I tell him that he's not needed?

Any thoughts or helpful suggestions about what I should do? Anyone ever been in a similar situation? Please do not say anything along the lines of you should at least get child support from him.... That will not be happening!