So sick of his gaming bullshit

Every day he plays PS3. Every day he is mad about the game. Every day he is mad if i dont want him to play. Every day he gets upset if i am not out in the living room sitting in the living room with him while HE plays. I say no because im not gonna sit out there when you are yelling at the game , and then getting pissed at me when i ask you questions or try to talk to you because then 'you die' . He gets mad that i am always sleeping even though i'm pregnant and always tired . He got mad at me today when i was actually out in the living room with him , on my phone and watching him play , and i said lemmie try, he gave me the controller and didn't tell me any buttons and then got angry when i lost . Said i can't play like that it doesn't work. I am so fucking sick of this PS3 bullshit. I am sick of the way he treats me and acts around me when he doesn't win or I don't want him to play. I am so close to smashing his PS3 . I have tried to tell him to spend more time with me and he will watch a movie and then run to his game right after . I swore to myself i would never have a boyfriend like this. I cant deal with it . Can i get someones advice? no judegmental cause im already upset and stressed about it. Am i over reacting ?
Update: Thanks ladies this helps alot. And i have tried to get him to go outside and play with his dog, go to a park or something but its always no. I get attention when i ask for food and bug him about it . But thank you once again im going to try to do these things you guys suggested .