Sara • Hi!! I'm 28 and pregnant with baby #3! We have an 8 year old girl and 1 year old boy! Can’t wait to see what our new blessing will be!
Okay So after literally probably thousands of name ideas my husband and I finally agreed to name our son after his dad! I was so excited about it because our son will be the only boy born to either of our families other than my husband so it's a pretty big deal we are having the first boy... So anyways we told his mom and dad about the name and neither one of them even cared at all!! My husband is Mexican and his family is all in Mexico and he says it's a cultural thing but I think it's a load of bs! I feel like in any culture it's an honor to have a baby named after them and for them to not even care at all really hurts my feelings for one and for two makes me want to change the name because if they don't care then why should I care? What do y'all think? Should we keep it or should we change the name?