Do i sound pregnant?! Please help

In a couple days I will be able to test. But I'm kind of scared so I don't want to be surprised and my "symptoms" are driving me crazy. Okay, me and my boyfriend had sex a lot this month feb 14th though his birthday he said he got a little in me, we use the pull out method but this month he's been "pulling out" all over my vagina. We weren't trying for one but we really weren't not trying for one either. But I don't have sore boobs only when I put a little push on them, I'm a little more tired I only had "morning sickness once but it was in the middle of the night an I puked like 3 times, I'm starting to have some hot flashes now I think, I never really have a heavy discharge ever but mine now is watery an clear an it's a lot, to the point the first time it happened I thought I started my period my nipples got a little bigger, and I have more achne then usual I barley have none usually. but I don't have any really heavy food cravings an my boobs aren't hurting so bad or anything. I don't know maybe I'm not trying to believe it but I'm trying to think about it before I take a test.