I sadly delivers at 25 weeks

Nicole • I`m 28 have two children and a baby angel above watching over me!wish I could have met her!Engaged to my love of 12years
I sadly delivers at 25 weeks! On February 26 2016. Throughout my pregnancy it was high risk do to a 20 week loss in 2013! I was on bed rest, I got a stitch in my cervix called the cerclage and was gettin The Mccanna injections to help me stay pregnant. Well at 23 weeks and 6 days I ended up in the hospital with bleeding and cramps. I was sent to A hospital in Rhode Island called women and infants where I was for over a week. They had to cut my stitch because it had ripped my cervix and I was 2cm so they kept a close eye on me. Then the day I turned 25 weeks I delivered my beautiful baby girl Myah. She was 1lb 13oz and 14in. She is now in the NicU doing great!!! Better then we all expected!! I am staying with her in her room. they say she will be here for about 3 months give or take depending on how she is doing!!!