Help please

Jackie • wife | mama x 3 | life luvah | 🌈 due 1•1•2020
We have been ttc over a year already. January 13 I had AF and then again on February 10. The last AF was only 2 days, but I thought nothing of it. Lastnight I was having bad cramping and a lightning feeling down there. My SIL suggested I take a hpt. It was 8pm and I thought I was wasting my time... Well the moment I placed the test down I saw a blazing bfp. At this point I was doubled over in pain. Went to the ER and was given an ultrasound, trans vaginal and blood work. The only info I was given was that there was an excess of fluid found. My hcg was 549 and I'm now on pelvic rest. I have to go again in 2 days for another blood draw, but my mind is racing with all sorts of possibilities. Any similar expiriences or insight?