Infertility Appointments?! So scared!

Shannon • 5+ years of infertility PCOS Two IUI’s | one 👼🏼 | trying for our 🌈
Well I just made an apt at a new ob/gyn. I was just kind of telling them what was going on about how I got off my birth control almost a year ago and how we've been ttc and it hasn't happened yet and she's like 'ok, what kind of apt did you want, an annual checkup or an infertility appt with dr.brown?' And I was just kind of shocked because I told her an infertility apt, I guess I didn't look at myself as "infertile" Then it kind of put it into perspective for me, like does that mean I'm considered infertile? If anyone has ever been to an appts like these can you please give me an insight on how it all works and what all they do?!