Flu shot 1 DPO?

So I am an RN who just landed a new job in a hospital system that requires employees to have a flu shot prior to the first day. I had my flu shot in October at a government hospital where I was working at the time, before ttc. Getting my medical records from that hospital was a HUGE inconvenience, if not nearly impossible (thanks government for being difficult!) so with no documentation of my previous shot, I had to receive a second flu shot. I ovulated sometime between Saturday afternoon and last night, and BD all last week including Saturday and yesterday. Now for my question: have any of you ladies, or anyone you know, gotten a flu shot around the time of conception and gotten a BFP? I don't want to know about MC, since it can't be proven it was the vaccine,or people telling me about their antivax beliefs please, I'm a nurse and you won't win me over. 
Thanks everyone!