IUD vs pill

I'm on the pill but have really wanted to get the IUD. I made an appointment for the end of March but now I'm feeling on the fence about it. I've never had kids nor do I ever want kids so the long term thing is what drew me to it originally. 
I've tried two brands of pills neither have worked and I'm willing to try more but the convenience and the succeeds rate are super good with the IUDs as long term birth control. I'm just a little concerned that I'll forget about checking it each month and it'll shift and then I'll end up pregnant. On the other hand it's bound to happen where I forget my pill (has not happened yet but it very well could!). Being on the pill I also have to be extremely careful as to what other medications I take and when making sure that it won't decrease the effects of the pill where as with the IUD, that's not an issue.
What do you recommend more, the IUD or the pill?