Should I confront them?

I've posted here before about this same subject. I live rent-free with my young grandma in a house that is in my great grandparents name. I have lived here for almost two years, from the start she has said I don't need to pay any house-related bills. Every six months or so I ask if I should pay rent and she says no. My grandma pays the mortgage and the other bills, I have my own bills to pay including saving for a car. I am a full time college student and I work for minimum wage. I work really hard for what I have and can still barely afford to pay my bills, for school costs, etc. Meanwhile she gets food stamps (nothing wrong w that, just saying she can afford food).I purchase my own groceries and she buys hers, but will cook for us every once in a while. I have been trying to purchase healthy organic food for on the go, but this is expensive!  Because I have IBS & it can be controlled this way I really have no choice. I splurged and bought myself bulk sized food in order to save some money in the long run. After going away from Thursday-today, and my teenage uncle came over to our house during this time. I come home to discover more than half of my cliff bars (24 pack) are gone. My food stuffed into one tiny drawer in the fridge and all of my belongings from my desk thrown on the ground & all over my room. I feel so disrespected. I am really angry and don't know what to say to my grandma or how to approach this. I have told her IN THE PAST that I wouldn't mind if they had a small amount of my food but don't want to worry about not having food for the next month. She assured me they never Eat anything of mine & even if they did they would replace it (not true). I know this sounds stupid but I really need advice. 

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