So lately my SO and I have been fighting all the time about sex.We have been together for 12 years It started when he cheated on me with a girl and they had a relationship for over a year. I found out about it. It still went on sporadicly until she found someone else. ( I had no idea it was still going on.) Ever since then I have been disgusted with him. Sex with him repulses me. I still do it begrudgingly.. but have a feeling we are only together because I was trying to hold together my family. Now he's been getting so agitated with sex and told me he should be able to do whatever he wants with in sex. I should let him do whatever whenever and however. That he never gets it enough and never gets it his way enough. Sending me nasty text messages that im lame and boring. I seriously beg to differ. My body my right. If i dont want to have sex then screw off. I am beginning to finally see this may be the end of the road for this relationship. And since I am already repulsed by the cheating my sex drive has diminished greatly. Any advise from anyone that's been through this?