Sex frustration

Sex keeps breaking my husband :'( He has to see a nurologist now because our PCP doesn't know what could be causing orgasms to lead to a massive migraine. I Googled it and apparently it's a real thing but it doesn't say why or who to see for it. Even when he is in the mood, which is suprisingly more than you'd think, I'm not because I never know when an episode may happen. The first one scared me half to death because we finished and seconds later he collapsed on his side and was unresponsive. He just kept holding his head trying to breath. He turned super red and I was asking what happened and what he needed but he couldn't answer. I got my phone to call 911 and he just grabbed my arm. It took about 10 minutes before he could explain what happened. Has anyone else experienced this?

Edit: it's been about a year and after te first scary episode we hadn't mentioned the sex part because we didn't at the time think it was relevant. But several times later we realized a pattern. They did an MRI and it was clean and normal except sinusitis. They've tried nsaids, treximet, pain killers, flexeril,and a few other things.