Can't describe the happiness

I have had a very tuff pregnancy, and it has taken me some time to be able to come to terms with this unplanned pregnancy. At times it felt like the bad days out numbered the good and it was just so hard to become happy and excited untill today. When I saw my little baby boy on the screen at 20 weeks sucking his thumb I started to tear up, I was and am still in awe over how adorable he looked just as a black and white image. I became even more overjoyed when I was able to see my baby kick me but feel it at the same time. It's like we feel these kicks and we know it's our baby but to actually see it happen is really something else. I keep going back and looking at the same two pictures over and over again of my baby boy covering up his face with his hands showing off his little muscles and his profile picture showing off his daddy's nose and his mommies chin. I'm so over joyed, although I'm terrified for the day he decides to come I am so excited to meet my little baby Ryder💙