Baby boyfriend

Falon • Mother of a one year old baby girl ❤️
So my boyfriend has had almost all week off and only worked Wednesday. He goes to bed earlier than I do every night and I'm the one who gets up every single 4 am tantrum alone with our daughter and  the one who's up at 7 with her every morning without him and I just asked him to help me get her sleeping and instead he takes a fit and just puts her in her crib to scream with all the lights off and says he is just to exhausted to deal with her then just pouts. So yet again it's me doing it all. I didn't say anything because I felt like I was over reacting and he would think I was getting upset over nothing. But  I would understand if he was working but the fact that he hasn't worked in a while and has been sleeping way more and doing way less then me but can't help me the one time I ask bothers me. I just feel like I'm drowning and I have no one to help me. Am I over reacting?