Tmi please help ttc

My boobs r sore n I been noticing white stuff on the Lil black spots on my boobs could it be milk my boobs hurt on the sides of both boobs and bottom my nipple not yet um having cramps but AF not until Nov 9 lower back ache came on Oct 3-5 I ovulation the 24 n glow told me to bding again yesterday so I did today 7.9 chance of pregnancy last night I cook pork streak shrimp baked potato but I hate the salad before food got done so when it was time to eat I felt sick to the stomach I didn't throw up but I didn't eat the food either a few shrimp so I tried to go to sleep took me a min had bad gas n diarrhea babe was tried last night after bding n working but we did bding before he went to sleep so he said when he get off we going to bding again I be so horny n wet never been like this but um praying we made a baby this month