Intimacy @ 28 weeks. Please help!

I am 28 weeks tomorrow with my first And my fiances second.

The first 6 months of this pregnancy was nothing but vomit and sickness. Even ended up in the ER.

However things are getting better, I'm able to tolerate more and more but have to be careful with what makes me nauseous and sick.

In the beginning I used to have to turn him down almost every night, but some nights I was okay enough to have sex...

But now, I guess for the past 3-4 weeks he hasn't even touched me in a suggestive way. Hardly kisses me.. almost all affection is gone. Even during the day, I feel very alone in this. He doesn't come to my doctor appointments anymore.

He has been working a job where it's 7 days a week for over a month, and got sick for a week. But he's still using the excuse that he's sick, I just don't believe it.

I'm just at a loss, I feel like I'm undesirable and he just is put off by me.