Feeling fed up!

Cara • Hi there. I`m a mummy to a beautiful 3 year old boy and would love to have a second child. Married for 4 years x
I work in a office full of women, we love a chat and gossip along with who's on the next list for a baby! I've been on this list for a while however I've made my way to the top of the list so it's now all about me. I'm 10 weeks pregnant and only a handful of people know and today just got me down and rather pissed off. I had girls shouting across the office saying we think your pregnant and oh are you pregnant. Now I know I'm showing as this my second child so it all happens a bit sooner but I'm not ready to tell people because I haven't had the all clear from my 12 week scan. I just lost my rag and said just leave me alone stop in my case about if I'm pregnant or not and just think about what your saying. I sit next to a lovely girl who has just had a miscarriage and their shouting out across the office and discussing behind my back if I'm pregnant. It's not fair on me and not fair in the girl I sit next to who's had a miscarriage. Maybe I'm being pregnant and over sensitive but God I was so angry! My team leader had been discussing it with other staff too and it's got back to me I'm just so annoyed xx