Becca • We recently welcomed our daughter and are loving being parents
Finally made the official announcement last night. I am 14w3d and last night we went to a concert with my favorite musician, David Cook. We had meet and greet passes for before the show and when it was our turn I asked if he could help us make an announcement. He was wicked sweet and said he could try. I showed him the sign I made and the copies of my ultrasound and he got wicked excited and was like "wait seriously? You're pregnant? This is awesome! Wait, really? This is what we're announcing?" He was so adorably excited for us and just kept saying congratulations and how awesome it was. He asked how far along I was and how I was feeling. He was just so accomodating. I ended up posting the following pictures...we're planning on framing the sign and a copy of the picture for the nursery.