Hello everyone! Im 38 weeks and 5 days and Im happy and anxious waiting for our baby boy to be born soon. I have been extreamly happy during this pregnancy and so far everything have been smooth. The only problem is that for some reason i havent felt any support from our family (except my mom). They all live far from us which can make things difficult and that frustrates me a little. No one have called me to see how i feel or to see if i need anything. They haven't help at all. No one seems excited for us. The other day my Dr. told me she was concerned about me after the delivery since she have noticed i didnt had any family support system. My husband works 90 hours a week and I went by myself to all the apps with my toddler daughter. Im a strong woman and im used to be myself all the time but i wish at least to feel some family support even on the distance. Anyone else in a similar situation?