When Nothing Else Matters *long* just sharing some thoughts

When you lose yourself in the Cascades of love, nothing else matters. The world could stop revolving and there you'd be gazing into each other's eyes, because nothing else matters.

So often we find ourselves so deep in love, we'd do anything, be anything, even say anything because we're in love. Then you've lost who you are, what you are, and your why!

Then twenty years goes by and it hits you over the head like a ton of bricks shattering your world, everything you built your world around, and you realize your love wasn't completely met by the one you gave yourself to.

You did everything to make them happy. You tried to meet every demand,  in the beginning and the middle, but by the end you just felt to washed up and used to try anymore. You lived through pain, suffering, and lies, but you never realized it because you were in love and nothing else mattered.

You ached for attention and you were met with a screaming attack of words, you silently screamed inside for affection, only to be turned away.

Yet, I stood by you through your physical and emotional absence. I stood by you through your PTSD, affairs, continuous attack of words and belief in me that I am not worthy. After plentiful years of this trauma, I shut down.

You played on my innocent love for you, you ripped my heart out, and my naivete allowed it because I thought love was enough.

I never imagined waking up one day and realizing that the one I truly loved never loved me back. I always believed that love was enough, that I was enough, and that we were enough!

The world was my capstone because I chose you to love and you accepted!

I am worthy, I am enough, and I do love you, but I no longer accept to be unloved because to me everything matters!