Am I in the wrong?

Am I in the wrong for turning him down?

I asked my husband a hour and half ago to come lay with me and spend a little bit of alone time together since we haven't seen much of each other in 3 days due to his job and me doing all the errands. Our oldest finally fell asleep a little before 8pm and i asked him to spend some time with me, he said he didn't want to because he was watching some movie down stairs and I was upstairs with my feet propped up due major swelling after being on them all day.

Well he's not going to be home tomorrow and Friday until really late due to his Job and also working a side job with his cousin (heating and air) so by time he gets home he will come home, eat, shower and pass out. Yet the thing is, he complains ALL THE TIME that we never get one or one time with each other ever, but yet here I am trying and he's too worried about a movie. So now almost 2 hours later he's wanting to come up here and try to have sex with me and I turned him down and told him flat out that I wasn't wanting anything especially since he pretty much or atleast I felt like he did blew me off for a movie he could easily watch later so now he's in a pissy mood and in the bathroom raising hell. So basically my point is, am I in the wrong for turning him down or no?