Am I Overreacting?

Olivia • 22 years old, single momma 👣 Dominic A. was born April 28, 2016 👶🏼
My friends and I were talking about how exciting it is that my son will be here soon (April 21!) and I said, "I just cannot wait to have my body back!"  I've never been more than 130lbs, I've always maintained my weight and I had so much confidence before this pregnancy so I thought it was normal to feel excited to be back to my old self (maybe with bigger boobs 😏). Well, a friend of mine said "Idk why you have a problem with being a little bit bigger than before, it's for a good reason so maybe you should stop complaining." I felt bad because she is right, but then I got mad. I'm always getting stared at wherever I go, and I feel so self conscious all the time because of this. Not to mention, I feel massive and have a slight panic attack when I see the scale. I think I'm overreacting, but idk it slightly offended me...
Here's a picture of myself before, and me at 34 weeks (current) as reference