Bestfriend a hoe!!!

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Hey everyone I need help I'm not the one to talk about or judge someone but my bestfriend got a major hoe problem 
"Pause before any of you get rude with the comment" please read The whole story!!!!
Okay so I've been friends with this girl for ten years we basically been through it all together all way down til she found out she had the herpesvirus😳😳 I was there for her never judged her always went to the hospital with her never turnt my back on her nothing 
But last years things got rough July 25 I went to her house to spend the weekend  cause I was having surgery july27th so I wanted sometime away from my kids and boyfriend so Friday gets here and im
Super excited about the weekend cause I gonna be with her!!
So I gets to her house or what ever and we went to her mom job to help her mom clean building and stuff 
Mind u we all the way in Lagrange Ga and I stay in Atlanta ga well we stay in Atlanta ga so we gets home around 2am all of sudden some random ass guy comes in the house while I'm laying on the bed😒
He introduced his self or whatever 
And all of a sudden she tells him she has herpesvirus and I'm thinking in my head okay maybe they want have sex well I was wrong out the blue they start kissing well u know what happened next!!! 
Mind u I'm still sitting in the room I gets up an leave the room they didn't even even care I was there!!!
So when it was over I asked her did she use a condom and she said no!!!
I'm like wtf 
So we go to sleep wake up and go to the mall gets back to her house 
I'm sittin in her room and two more guys walk in an I'm like lord please don't let her have sex with them😒😩 
Well one guy walks out the room so I immediately call my boyfriend just so the 2rd guy don't try and talk to me 
So I'm otp with my boyfriend and told him what happened and he say I'm coming to get you I'm like I already got my clothes ready I'm ready so I bust in my friend room and grab all my stuff and she hops off the guy butt naked and say where u going I say to her home
So they finished having sex and he leaves right before I leave she say I'm going to this guys house in sandy springs im like okay and no she didn't tell them she had herpesvirus and yes this happened not even on 24hours  
I felt so disgusted and I even washed all my clothes even my hair!!!
A few weeks later she told me she had sex with a guy for two large pizzas and a cookie😔
Ladies how do I talk to her about this I don't wanna loose my friend but I don't wanna hang around this type of behavior😔
Please help!!!