Ladies ?????? 25+ answers please


So this guy I've been seeing for like 2 weeks in the past and he moved back home to his country. Now while he was back home, I told him how I really felt and that I do want to be with him. But... he just got out of a 5year relationship about 3 months ago and he still talks to her. So I told him I didn't want him too.... He tells me that she's the only girl he's been with and for 5 years. He's not gonna stop talking to her. So I told him fine.... I didn't let it bother me. And I thought everything was fine because we both deleted the dating app we met on .... But I found out that he was on it when he moved back home... And I told him... Why did u redownload it. He says that he wanted to check his profile he honestly doesn't know why he downloaded it again. But when he asked me.... I only got it because he literally stopped talking to me and I thought he was talking with other girls. I don't go there to talk to men...just check on him.

Yes were not in a relationship because he specifically told me....I don't want anything serious. So that makes us JUST friends right.

But when he saw that my profile was active he got mad at me and said that there isn't trust. But... From what I can remember... He doesn't want to be in a relationship with me... So why get mad when you see that my account was active. ( but I'm honest to God not talking with other men) because I still have feelings for him.

So why is he mad..... If he's doesn't want to be with me..... Ladies????