I need opinions.

My ex and i dated for about 7 months. I really loved that kid. Both of our work schedules sucked but we worked it out because we worked at the same place so it was easy. We had awesome sex. The first few months were perfect. New years came and something just changed. We got into so many fights. The one fight he told me he needed "space" and wouldnt see me for 5 days. He flipped out on me one time for saying whatever in a text message. And when i say flipped out i mean yelling over the phone at me. When he yells at me he tells me everything i do wrong and tells me thay i dont care and makes me feel like shit. He did this about 3 times. I felt like he pushed me away so much but he always told me i was the one who pushed him away. It was like an emtotional roller coaster and i cried a lot. But one day we were on the phone and it turned into am argument cause i went go get coffee with a male friend for like 20 minutes and didnt tell him. Even though this kid was a friend of both of ours. I didnt think it was a big deal. I was in a public place and he just needed someone to talk to about his girlfriend. And that lead to him yelling at me again. We broke up that night. The next day he deleted me off of all social media and deleted all pictures. Its been over a week and he hasnt tried to contact me. I wish he would. But do you guys think this was for the best? I miss him and feel alone