Frustrated with my Doctor

This is going to be long and I apokogize in advance. I recently switched Doctor's because I was having a lot of problems. My last appt with them was Tuesday, they faxed my file to my new Doctor yesterday and I made an appointment with the new place for March 31 which was the first available appointment. Today, my old Doctor called to say the results from my bloodwork came in, and I failed the 1 hour glucose test and have very low iron. They then said that since they're no longer my doctor they can't give me any advice. I asked them to fax the results to my new doctor. But when I called my new doctor, they said I am not their patient until I go to my first appointment with them on the 31st, even though they have my full file and bloodwork results. So I called the old doctor office, and they sent in an order for the 3 hour glucose but said that when the results come in they can't help me because I'm not their patient anymore (but my new doctor says I'm not their patient until the 31st). I asked the old doctor about my low iron. The woman said I should be taking a prenatal with iron. When I told her I already am, she said she "doesn't know what else to tell me. The note on my file just says to see if I'm on a prenatal." If I have really low ion and am already on a prenatal with iron then obviously I need to be doing something else. And if the results of my 3 hour glucose are that I have diabetes, I feel I shouldn't be waiting until March 31 when I see the new doctor to do something about it. I feel so overwhelmed and I don't know what to do!