Just started the pill. Is this normal?

So I started the pill feb 15 (last month), and I started a week before my period was due, so obviously it messed everything up. I started bleeding a few days after the 15th, it was quite light, but nonetheless I did bleed, and at times it was chunks/brown pieces that would come out. This lasted about 8 days and then it finally stopped, and normally my period is only 5 days long. 
Then today, Its my first week on the placebo pills from the same first pack, and it's my third day taking them, and I started bleeding again. Is this normal?? Should I expect two periods every month?? Is the week I take the placebo pills when my period will be next month?! 
Also what if I skip the placebo pills, do I just not get a period? What if I skip them one month but take them the month after? 
Also my bc is called gildess fe 1/20