What sorcery is this!?! Contractions

For the third time in two weeks I had nearly 16 hours of painful contractions that were 10 to 20 minutes apart. They were not getting stronger or closer together they were just consistent. I wasn't going to L&D until I felt a change, knowing they would just send me home. After around 10 hours of contractions I bounced on my ball and had intercouse with an orgasm and then a few hours later it all just stopped, AGAIN! The pain wears me out and makes me frustrated that it's
For nothing. My pelvis and belly are so sore now that it was hard to sleep. I was only 1cm when I got checked a few days ago. Being stuck in the pre labor stage is horrid! I can't have my membranes stripped either because I'm GBS positive. I do have an NST twice a week and my
Fluid checked once a week and all is well there so baby is happy, just comfortable! At this point my husband just shakes his head when they stop because he sees me in pain and feels like there's nothing more he can do (I already took his semen so that's where his helping train stops lol). 39 and half weeks now and seriously ready for this pain to actually bring my baby! I'm sure this has happened to others, when did you actually go into labor? I appreciate your input ladies!