Some hope from who used to feel hopeless

3 years TTC...2 miscarriages...all my hopes had gone down several times. I cried every month and spent a lot of money in HPTs. I got mad at life, at God, at docs. I was going to give up, I even had the worst thoughts a person can have about harming myself. Until one day I saw the 2 lines I've been waiting for for so long! I cried while I laughed, I was shaking and I thought of all of you here who are trying so hard. It's not an easy pregnancy but I'll do everything to keep this baby alive. I want to thank the community here for all the support and want to tell you all that the App really works! Don't feel jealous, I know it can happen. Just take this story with hope, be strong, never give up! I've been there, I understand your feelings. You are not alone! We are all here giving hopes! The next one is
Gonna be YOU! Thanks. ☺️