I'm done.

Courtnei • With the love of my life for 3 years & 8 months. ❤

In July my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years was kicked out of his house by his sister who pays for everything there. He had to live with me because he had no where to go. He parents and sister moved out of town and he rarely sees them. But when he moved in with me and my grandparents I wasn't ready. We couldn't have any privacy and it sucks. We have sex MAYBE once a month. Even then there's no passion. He still lives with me and he recent got a job. So everythings great right? Nope. We fight over everything. We have our good moments but there's always stuff boiling underneath. I PMS like. Everyday. I recently changed BC and I think the lack of estrogen has made me way over emotional. He says hurtful things when we fight like "why am I even with you. Your such a bitch." On top of these fights my grandparents health is declining and I can't handle the stress. I've contemplated suicide and that's not like me at all. I'm too over weight and terrified to go to the Dr. And change my BC back to ortho trip cyclen. I had little to no symptoms on that. I'm just asking for advice. I can't stand living like this. Unhappy and emotional. My dream,would be to have a stable job that love and living in a small house or apartment where I see things working out but when him and I are stuck in this house with all the drama with my grandparents. I love this man. I really do but the things he says when we are fighting I can't even fathom saying back to him. I'm just so hurt.