Pregnant & Scared of families response

Im 19 and recently found out that i am pregnant. My boyfriend (25) and I have decided to keep the baby and try to be the best parents we can to our little one. Neither of us have told our families, while we are pretty sure his family will be happy and supportive, i am almost positive mine will not. Weeks prior to finding out my father spoke to me and told me how much he didnt like my boyfriend and how he can see me getting pregnant real soon. He continued with stating that if i become pregnant he will kick me out and will not support me. Being a daddys girl and only being raised by him and few immediate family members this hurts me and thus i am conflicted. I fear that in their eyes i would have shamed them and they will not support or be there for me. It makes me so sad , stressed and scared. I dont know how to tell them or even what to do. Ive never let my family down like this before. I am happy and excited to have my baby i just wish they would be too. Any advice or thoughts would really help. Thanks